Touring Antics with Tijuana Cartel

They’re currently in the swing of their Spring 2016 Tour, so why not do a bit of catching up with Tijuana Cartel‘s Paul George!

– interview by Dariya Salmin

How are you going Paul?
Yeah good good, I just got back from Western Australia, we played a festival and a few shows over there.

Yeah awesome I saw you played at Indi Bar on Saturday, how was that?
Yeah that was great, we like playing at the Indi Bar, we’ve been playing there for probably six or seven years I think, so yeah it’s a bit like a second home.

You guys have got the up-coming National Spring Tour, are you road tripping for that or are you flying?
Nah yeah we’re flying. Yeah we’re sort of all around the country. So yeah we just fly on the weekends and then fly home when it’s finished.

It looks like you’re mainly doing the west coast though, aren’t you?
Yeah we do, I think we do about five or six shows on the west coast. We did Broome, Wave Rock festival, and we come back for Fremantle festival and Settlers Tavern.

Awesome. So did you do the Wave Rock festival on Sunday?
Yeah we did, it was great. We flew straight from Broome into there. It was actually a pretty hectic weekend really. We did a show at Wave Rock and then partied with the rest of the festival, it was good.

So you guys are doing a lot of festivals on this tour, what’s one of the craziest things that’s happened at a festival you’ve played at?
Oh that’s a good question! Let’s think of something that’s crazy and happened at a festival recently….actually we played at Rainbow Serpent festival a couple of years ago and the stage collapsed on me as I was getting off the stage, it managed to fall all around me, but I was ok I just broke a couple of ribs. But we’ve had a few things like that; we had a nude Swedish lady running around on stage with security trying to catch her. I can’t even remember what festival that was, that was a few years ago. But yeah there are a few things, there’s always something quirky that’s going to happen at a festival.

Yeah exactly, but that’s pretty scary about that stage collapsing though!
I know it was one of those things where everyone just went silent. It looked worst then what it was. But you know it could have been a lot worse. I was fine, had a good laugh for a couple of months.

Did anyone get it on camera?
No, no we didn’t get it on camera.

And what’s your favourite festival to play at?
Um that’s a hard one. I like playing at Southbound festival in WA that’s pretty good and Fremantle festival of course because we’re about to play that. That will be great.

I know you guys are doing Jungle Loves festival, have you done that festival before?
No it’s the first time for that, I checked it out on a video and it looks pretty cool.

Yeah my friend’s band played at that last year, he said it’s probably his favourite and it’s really awesome, about a thousand people go to it and it’s really intimate, you apparently build this little community while you’re there, so that should be fun!
Yeah that sounds great. That sounds cool.

So are psychedelics going to be inspiration for the next album?
Yeah we did our last album Psychedelicatessen, I always thought we had an electronic psychedelic element from since we first started but the next one we’re looking to collaborate with a whole different vocalists and people we’ve met along the years and do a kind of collaboration album. We’ve got so much material because we’ve been going for ten years, so we want to look back and start remixing things and just looking at what we have done and seeing what we can do with that.

Yeah that sounds good. So that’s what you guys are into creatively at the moment?
Yeah that’s it.

So in an old interview, you said you all didn’t have lives outside of music, what are you guys up to now? Do you have partners etc?
Yeah we do, most of us have partners, and I’m single at the moment. But yeah we kind of found a way to balance actual lives with road life, you can’t keep that up further.

Yeah exactly. And how do you guys go surviving each other, because you’ve been together for so long now, do you have any tricks or are you all so comfortable with each other-what’s the dynamic like?
Yeah well you’ve got to have a lot of patience I think for bands, because you are with each other so much. So yeah we’ve had a few people leave the band, we had to get rid of a couple, but in the end it’s about getting those core five people that can get along and tour and not yell at each other too much, it’s good. So it’s just about a lot of patience and you’ve got to choose people that you can really put up with.

Yep definitely! So what’s the one thing you always take on the road with you?
Ah let me think. You know I usually take my own pillow. Because it makes everything feel like home.

Spray some perfume on it, make it smell like home.
Yep exactly! But because I’m touring it will probably smell like sweat.

And what’s on the future cards for Tijuana Cartel after this Spring tour?
We will hit it again in January, so over the summer. And then next year we will go to Europe for a few months and hopefully somewhere in between all that and release a few songs. We’re not really looking at doing an album for a while, we’re just looking at doing remixes and EPs and that’s where we’re at for a while, before we think about doing a whole album.

Yep that’s sounds good! Well that’s everything I’ve got, thanks so much for your time today Paul, and good luck with the tour! I’ll probably catch you at the Fremantle gig.
Great sounds good, I’ll see you then.

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