Party Rocking With The Bennies

-By Carla Avendano


After a bump in the road with getting into the venue, finally I was in and definitely in the mood to to rock out to the vibe that was happening, needless to say the place was packed with party people awaiting for these party animals The Bennies to grace the stage. Getting a glimpse of Hightime half way through their set was a perfect starter to the night. With her raw vocals performing The Fever this band has great chemistry and got the crowd really involved into the night. Nothing Wasted off their Mother Crab album was a perfect finish, as the stage was set for Off With Their Heads who also joined The Bennies on their Wisdom Machine Tour.

As the growing crowd full of half-drunk and half-baked fans rocked out to the melodic hardcore music that is Off With Their Heads, the place was getting amped. Drive, Trying to Breath and Don’t Make me go Home all popular with the crowd, the mosh pit in the mid front and centre was staring to get even more filled up as the fans as Off With Their Heads preformed. Their energy on stage was huge as they just kept playing and had great interaction with the crowd accompanied by some awesome head banging. The Eyes of Death and Nightlife kept the mosh pit cranking. The fans were rocking out so hard by this time, just letting the wait be so much more worth it, Off With Their Heads put on a great show to say the least.

Finally time for these long haired party boys to get up on stage and and give Perth what it had been waiting for. With their psychedelic reggae rock, there set mainly consisted of songs off their latest album The Wisdom Machine, however it was a great mix of their new stuff and old. Detroit Ciggies, Legalise and Party Machine had the fans smashing on in the mosh pit. The energy from the fans was intense, even though the rockers can get a little rough out there, everyone was just enjoying the amount of energy The Bennies were bringing to the stage taking and giving back to the crowd.

Living Sleazy, Heavy Disco and My Bike were pretty much all sing alongs amongst the fans and band. These guy are just to down to earth and the fact that they were pretty much high as a kite just made you love them more, it’s like you can connect with them on a different level. Whether you were up at the front or right at the back The Bennies gave love and the fans responded. Knights Forever was the finish off to their amazing set but these fans weren’t done with them yet , as they chanted for more as the guys took a sneaky spliff, puff puff the venue began to smell of that sweet aroma that is cannabis. The Bennies then jumped back on stage to give their encore. Highrider left the imprint on what was a freaking awesome night with some pretty unforgettable bands.


Photo Credit: The Bennies

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