P L A S M O T I O N at Flyrite

Check it Out: Plasmotion @ Flyrite this Wednesday, 1/7/15 (Pulse-Width Promotions)

This Wednesday night, tantalise your sensory perception at Flyrite with ‘Plasmotion;’ a conjunction of electronic experimentation by Perth producers. You’re all invited to partake in the experience as Palace, Leafy Suburbs, Atripat and Zorbs guide you on your journey through time and sound.

The aforementioned artists have a wicked spread of stylistic choice:

Up first; Zorbs, a lover and creator of some heavily sample based house beats with splashes of religiously funky groove and jazzed up energy. For a little amuse-bouche of this flavour, you can sniff out a Zorbs EP over here at band camp.

Just as the night is prophesied to progress, Atripat will come; you’ll want your feet to be grounded for this earthy techno and eclectic electronica. Hints of trap and trance transient over several of Atripat’s tracks alongside eerily distant synths. To further fathom the concept, see ‘cape’.

Following that transmutation of vibrations will come Leafy Suburbs. This dude reps some chilled-like-ice house vibes. For a better understanding, drink ‘pocari sweat’.

Ultimately, the messianic age of Plasmotion will be heeded by Palace. This dude has a lot to offer. Think laid back trap, but also think deep house, but also think this and that and whatever cos he’s probably got it. Listen to some stuff.


For the event info click HERE. Wednesday night awaits…


Photo Credit: Plasmotion

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