Oscar Key Sung




On Thursday the 1st of May, Oscar Key Sung performed at The Bird, creating a vibe that made the laid-backed venue even more chilled than usual. The multi-talented solo artist and producer really set the tone with his sweet RnB jams.

With a cider in one hand and pen in the other, I scribbled key words such as “harmonic vocals” and “clunky beats”- not much to go by when it came to writing a moment-by-moment recollection. I know that I enjoyed it though and that’s the main thing where music is concerned.

Oscar had a bit of a groove on stage and it was great to see live elements to the set such as guitar. While most of the gig wasn’t particularly up-beat and danceable, it certainly created a mood where the audience sway-shuffled and appeared hypnotised by the over-all ambience, well-orchestrated layering and the trance-like romanticism of Oscar Key Sung’s voice.

Check out the Melbourne based artist on Soundcloud for some seriously sensual sounds.


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