Orphans Orphans EP Review

– by Aliza Caruso

Orphans Orphans is a new Aussie supergroup eloquently moulded together by members of Last Dinosaurs, Morning Harvey, The Jungle Giants, Millions, and Moses Gunn Collective to name only some. Their five track debut EP What’s A Boy S’posed To Do features many noticeable influences, whether a conscious decision or not by Orphans Orphans, however the complete sound of this record is truly their own.

Opening track ‘Orphan’ is a grungy, dirty, flirty and sexy four minutes of rock, dense with smashing drums, face-melting guitar and somewhat depressing yet strangely liberating lyrics which, all in all, leave you fist pumping and grooving around your bedroom in your undies.

Popular single ‘Lighten Up Your Day’ combines those heavy rocking vibes of Orphan with some bright vocal backing harmonies not unlike those found in pop songs of the 60s and 70s, coolly singing “You better stick around so I can lighten up your day”.

If you were to listen to Taking You Alive instrumentally, you’d be convinced it was an unreleased b-side to Arctic Monkey’s latest, AM. It’s that guitar, that damn handsome guitar, which is oh so charismatic. Then, of course, Orphans Orphans kicks in with their unique vocal sound and you forget Alex Turner is even a thing.

‘Friends Forever’ is just a fun, dance-like-you-just-don’t-care tune with a psychedelic, space-rock, minute long instrumental jam in the middle which highlights a bit of a Pond influenced flair.

Title track ‘What’s A Boy S’posed To Do’ starts off as pretty chilled out, mellow, and reminiscent of the soft rock of the late 60s. Then it develops into this progressive, psychedelic, out-of-space and out-of-body experience like that feeling you got when you first heard Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. It’s special.

What’s A Boy S’posed To Do is a colourful, rocky, poppy, little bit psychedelic, and very out-of-this-world record that takes you someplace totally unexpected and oddly familiar that you can’t quite put your finger on. This EP is a killer and a must have for anyone who’s a fan of Arctic Monkeys, Pond, Temples, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Beach Boys – anything, really. Just give it a listen, it’s delicious.

Orphans Orphans tour Melbourne, Newtown and Brisbane in October.

Check out their debut single, ‘Orphan’, here 


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