One Five Zero Seven @ State Theatre Centre of WA




By Ebony Campbell

When a show gets it this right, resonates this hard and reduces you to tears, it’s natural to feel pressure when writing a review. Right? Yet I know that after Saturday night’s performance of ‘OneFiveZeroSeven’, Barking Gecko Theatre Company would want me to say what’s in my heart and on my mind. How do I know this? Because for this show, the creative team behind the play interviewed over 2000 Australian youths, and truly listened.

Even before entering the theatre, they had the audience engaged with a showcase of canvas art and performers in onesies smashing through the foyer formalities with  style (and  a large red bicycle).

High energy. Full impact. This production was fast-paced and flawless. The empathy that writer Suzie Miller has poured into this show was profound, particularly in one scene that was so raw members of the audience were moved to tears.  The juxtaposition of this scene, with the humorous and rather creepy political dance number, was perfect. Add the score by Kingsley Reeve and this extract was carried into another dimension as three of the actors relayed the same message in three different languages.

It would be impossible to choose a stand out performer from the astounding ensemble of six, who displayed their talents perfectly in body, voice and soul. Even the set-changing sequences were well extremely well directed by John Sheedy, adding the sense that the youth of Australia are flexible and totally in control.

Jordi Davison, lead vocalist of pop sensation San Cisco, was among the enthralled youth on opening night. ‘I think it’s definitely accurate to the majority of Australian Youth. What impressed me was the choreography, [and] the interpretive dance, which was unexpected. [I couldn’t believe] how raw it was, it didn’t pull any punches.’

According to research, the average teenager spends six hours online, per day. This show is running from 22nd Feb – 1st March and is well worth the 55 minutes.

Tickets and session time are available here: http://2014.perthfestival.com.au/Whats-on-by-Genre/Theatre-Circus-Dance/onefivezeroseven

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