One Fell Swoop

by Olivia Senior

We all left fashion paramount for a moment, and entered an echo hallway filled with smoke and white, veiled silhouettes.

One by one, pieces swooped softly down the catwalk and it became almost impossible to look away from the show. The designs were silky and gentle, but it was hard to ignore the eeriness in the atmosphere. These were the clothes of our dreams in our worst nightmares.

012_sgb4352 The models, wearing the simple but beautiful colour palette of nude, white, grey, black, sky blue, soft silver, and every now and then hues of mustard, red and bright green, walked down slowly like zombies to the industrial and metallic sounds. Each dress fell effortlessly into place, each piece of material, each fold landing perfectly on each part of the body, as if made specially for the model, and, every movement deliberately capturing the outfits beauty.

One by one pieces walked out, almost in slow motion, showing no emotion, gliding, letting the pieces speak for themselves. This was one of the reasons why the show was so special, there was expression without words, a dominated presence without it being forced on the audience.

Hair thick and textual, make-up metallic and sharp, both contrasting the smoothness of each dress, each array.

This was one of the more memorable shows to take place through-out fashion week in Perth because we weren’t only presented with the fashion side of a fashion show, but more of the show. There was a strong theatrical sense and effort put into the way we perceived the collection, and, this was important because it showed us that every minor change, a leg slit, a zip, a sleeve or a fold was there for or a reason, subtle but held significance.

It was also important to tell a story, because while it made the show more exciting and more exhilarating it also showed us something the designers wants us to see beyond the eye.

A strong message was perceived throughout watching the show; as a woman you don’t need to wear aggressive structured and fitted clothes to be powerful, everything was in contrast to show not only how beautiful a woman’s body really is, but how powerful women can be too.

Image: telstraperthfashionfestival.com.au

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