Oh Mercy – When we Talk About Love Review

– by Jacob Herbert


Australian band Oh Mercy released their new album yesterday titled When We talk About Love. This studio album is the bandsfourth, and has been much anticipated. After the Deep Heat album from 2012, which was a big change in sound for the band, Oh Mercy have decided to take a step back and write some songs influenced and evolving from some of their earlier work.

It is really evident that Alex Gow, the lyricist for Oh Mercy, is trying to make a name for himself with this new album. Leaking into the indie-rock genre that already has some big names in it and is proving to be a tough crowd to beat. Acts such as The Panics and The Sleepy Jackson give a similar vibe to the way Gow writes his songs in this new album. My first thought when I heard the first track ‘Without You’ play was that it sounded very similar to Jake Bugg cross The War on Drugs, quite a unique duo.

Gow’s original work was very acoustic driven and over time developedin-sleeve-of-album1 to include synthesisers, developing a style that I think relates to earlier artists like ELO. As much as Gow went back to their original style, I can still hear references to experimental sounds like the addition of strings to the first track ‘Without you’. The variety on these tracks is quite amazing with the general use of strings down to the way the guitar is recorded. The tone of the guitar and the bass is really warm and allowing his vocals to push through really well.

Though the lyrics in this album are quite generic, his melancholic melodies help push the album through. It almost seems like Gow has tried to produce a sound similar to that of The War On Drugs in the song ‘Sandy’ and manages to pull it off very well. Overall he has produced a strong album that I think will catch people’s attention and hook them.

Oh Mercy will be doing an Australian national tour, kicking off in Melbourne on the 22nd of August until the 19th of September in Perth at the Rosemount Hotel. For more information about upcoming gigs for Oh Mercy at oztix.com.au.

Photo Credit: Oh Mercy

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