No Zu at Mojos

-By Iven Manning

Whatever happened to the band from the Mos Eisley Cantina in Star Wars: A New Hope? Did they play the same venue over and over before expiring and become banther fodder, or kill a sold-out headline across newly liberated solar systems after the demise of the Empire? Whatever happened, it seems likely that in death their souls travelled to a galaxy far, far away and were reincarnated as part of the experimental eight-piece act No Zu. Mojos played host to the Melbourne heat-beat exponents on Thursday night, with the group delivering the porn soundtrack of the future to a sold-out mix of curious and devoted attendees. The group’s fascination with Australian history is documented and the way in which they evoked desert landscapes thick with mysticism was outstanding.

Sultry and vaguely robotic vocals from two female singers combined with the barks and deep, effected melodies of their male counterpart to create vocals both inhuman and primal. Complementing this were sharp bursts of trumpet, which combined with saxophone to evoke the Star Wars comparison, above pulsing synths and bass which carried the lengthy jams. The band’s percussion section was a standout, featuring a drum kit, a separate jarring snare used intermittently and bongos beaten relentlessly by a long-haired individual whose unbridled passion epitomised the band’s performance. A heavy cover of Hunters and Collectors Talking to a Stranger was a recognisable highlight, ratcheting up the hedonistic mood in the room.

By the time they moved into their finale, an extended version of Raw Vision, the party had gone tribal in its release – you know it’s intense when the vocalist has to take his mesh shirt off. You can wait for the future if you want but I’d recommend cheating.

Live it now.

Feel the heat beat.

Watch No Zu.


Photo Credit: No Zu

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