Nina Las Vegas Presents: International Edition… The Aftermath.

This weekend just past, Nina Las Vegas and her hand selected crew hopped on over the border and into WA for a very special occasion; Nina Las Vegas Presents: International Edition. The party was pretty much guaranteed to go off. Curated by NLV herself, and headlined by a team consisting of two UK performers and one American, the fantastic four had locked aim and were ready to fire their tunes at Villa! The Aftermath? Well lets get into it…


Kicking off the festivities was the first of two UK musicians; The ‘Pokémon’ inspired Mssingno.

Pushing forward with a mixture of trap beats, house and an eclectic handful of a whole lot of everything, Mssingno’s performance was a genre cluster, and that’s just what I like.

Round two saw our music connoisseur alight the green room and assume the position of groove master, a la CDJ2000. Nina Las Vegas, as always, chopped us up and served us one helluva tasty bun, sparing no trimmings to delight our audible palates. Having begun the game a DJ, you can seldom expect Nina not to bring down the house with her Pioneer practiced digits.

Taking the night to the next level, our American quart; Djemba Djemba. This absolute dard ripped up the floorboards, throwing out some explosive bass music, heavy trap and bouncy rhythms. It’s no wonder Djemba’s sought after so highly as a ghost producer. That guy knows how to pick ‘em and knows how to write ‘em.

To conclude the nights solo performances, the second UK exclusive manifested themselves. The DJ the crowd would now know as Monki. What were we in for? I had no idea. But what came was very welcome. A solid hour of deep, deep house would tuck in those dedicated to dance. Monki went hard. And so did those left over. As the audience slowly disintegrated, only those who were truly dedicated to the night remained. Even Nina came out to dance, and by her side; fellow Perth rep. Sable.

Then. As Monki exited the stage, I prepared myself for the b2b2b2b. I was ready. I was pumped. But I was let down by the Villa guards. “Alright everyone time to go”. There would be no back to back (to back to back). Nevertheless, as I sipped on some warm water and awaited my ultimate retreat, it became apparent to me that I’d never once been the last patron to leave a night club… I now have that honour.

Photo Credit: Mason Devine

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