Nicholas Allbrook Reveals Advance Video


-By Dariya Salmin

Finishing his national tour this week, Nicholas AllbrookPOND front-man and former member of Tame Impala, has released an imaginative and creative video for his new single Advance. Directed by a fellow WA artist, Matt Sav, the video entails a confused, sparkling and wasted Nick as he plays a white guitar in a few basic studio settings, mainly gold or blue, where there are golden flakes falling around him. A clip based on ‘exploring the pitfalls of Australian national identity’, Allbrook has clearly established himself as not only a creative artist but also as an intellectual musician.

The video for Advance is rich with imagery and metaphoric symbols, which is quite difficult to grasp (unless you’re a literature and media student). The first few shots are of Allbrook against an ocean blue backdrop whilst he wears all white and plays a white guitar. He then happens to get a blood nose, which he wipes all over his face. Blue, white and red being the predominant colours here, I’m going to take a giant leap and say coincidence it’s the same colours as the Australian flag? Maybe not and maybe I’m totally onto something (let me know Nick). The video seems to become progressively stranger and more interesting as Allbrook wears a gold dress with matching gold nails and eye lashes as he dances in front of a sparkling gold backdrop. Slashing open the previous blue background, I have a feeling all this gold has something to do with money and wealth and Australia and as he spins around with dancers, maybe our national identity is ‘spiralling’ out of control? I nailed it didn’t I?

This new lead single, a similar sound to David Bowie’s older style and MGMT’s third self-titled album, is a taste test of what’s to come from Allbrook in his forthcoming solo LP Pure Gardiya, set to be released on May the 27th via Spinning Top Records. Having already completed gigs in Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, his hometown Perth Fremantle is next. Performing this Friday (April 1st) at the Oddfellow in Freo, you’d be a fool not to go. After the praised reviews of his debut LP Ganough, Walls and Fatuna, and 2015’s Walrus EP, it can only be assumed after listening to and watching the video for Advance, that Nicholas Allbrook will have something even more astounding to offer then before.

Click on this link below to view the Advance Video Clip:


nick allbrook advance2









Photo Credit: Nicholas Allbrook

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