New Screen Space: Sweet Holiday Viewing

– by Emma Schrader

Melbourne artist David Rosetzky is concerned with analysing relationships. Much of his work delves into complicated relationships, questioning whether actions and thoughts can ever match up. Rosetzky has been exhibiting in Australia since the late 90’s, and his digital video work Nothing Like This is now on show at The Art Gallery of WA‘s (AGWA) new Screen Space. If you’ve ever indulged in people-watching, this work is for you.

At a glance, the film looks tantalisingly sweet. We watch a group of young friends and lovers as they frolic on the shore of an idyllic beach. The scenes change at the unhurried pace of a seaside holiday without an itinerary. Underneath the sugary surface, however, the characters are harbouring doubts.

Nothing_like_this_2Photo credit: PICA

Rosetzky uses colour and sound to build a striking atmosphere of uncertainty. As I sat watching the piece, even the perfectly manicured foliage took on a poisonous quality. Lush greens make strong contrasts with splashes of cherry red clothing and lipstick. The colour palette reminded me of the super sour lollies I enjoyed as a kid. Both seem enticing, but they leave a sharp tang in your mouth.

What really drew me in was the internal monologue. As the characters glide across the scree, we hear voices relaying suspicion about a boyfriend, party related anxiety and jealousy of a best friend. Nothing Like This will make a lasting impression on anyone who has fostered doubt about themselves and their closest friends. It’s also worth it for the attractive plants and people-watching.

Nothing Like This is the first work to be shown at AGWA’s Screen Space. A new piece will be hosted every two months, so be sure to visit before the changeover on 01 March.

Artwork details:

David Rosetzky

Nothing Like This 2007

Digital Video

24 minutes 36 seconds

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