New Music: Bitter Belief – Trillmatic R.I.P Ft. Stane, Shadow, Tonite, Kogz and Rob Shaker

This week Syllabolix crew member Bitter Belief got together with a hand-picked selection of local up and coming word-smiths to create a dope new track. The result is Trillmatic R.I.P, an energetic collection of verses each laid down unquestionably over a bed of backing vocals and samples, supported by a beat that speaks of nights out cruising in the streets of Perth.

This collaboration is destined for repeat plays; with each emcee on the track delivering their finest rhymes and the production prowess of Rob Shaker turning the whole thing in to something very, very listenable. A special mention goes to Kogz for his aggressive stylings in the last verse, capping things off at an enjoyable peak.

Hear Trillmatic R.I.P on Soundcloud and make sure you keep an ear to the ground for new music from all of these Perth talents.

By Lyndon Kidman

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