New Major Leagues Single “Someone Sometime”

– by Michelle Yeong

Yes, Major Leagues, the band not the baseball league, have a new single. Sometimes sparking a bit of confusion, the name Major Leagues is suitable, as the quartet are at the height of the jangly indie pop genre. It feels almost like forever since the Brisbane outfit have released a track. However, it was all worth the wait as the latest single ‘Someone Sometime scores a home run.

Listening to ‘Someone Sometime transported me back to a time where overalls, high-waisted jeans, and oversized flannel shirts ruled the world. Though the song swims in 90’s nostalgia, there’s still a modern element present in the tune, leaving me with goosebumps that weren’t caused by the cold weather. With grungy undertones, melancholic lyrics, and a walking bassline – this track has it all, really. The quiet verses draw you in from the moment you hear its effervescent guitar riff. And it’s hard to leave the tune once the chorus chimes in, as there’s a nonchalant build-up created by the loud percussion and fuzzy guitars. So if you’re into sun-kissed tunes that leave you all warm and fuzzy inside, ‘Someone Sometime is the perfect tune to chase your Summery blues away.


Photo Credit: Major Leagues

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