Nana Mouskouri a celebration in Perth

– by Tricia Ray

If I could have had the opportunity to have listened to this amazing performer earlier on in her years, it would have been breathtaking.

A performance at the Perth Concert Hall April 19th, at the age of 80 years old, Nana Mouskouri definitely graced the stage as she entered in her long, red flowing dress. Her ears were still fine tuned, hitting every note perfectly with years of studying classical music and with an emphasis on opera singing.

It’s not surprising that the crowd, even though much older than me, were definitely in awe of this woman. With such elegance she captivated and mesmerised her fans by even her sheer presence. Nana has sold 350 million albums worldwide and has recored 1500 songs in 20 different languages.

She humbly told the audience that she wasn’t showing off when she sang in a different language on the night of her performance, it’s just because she had travelled to so many countries that she wanted to be able to share her songs as they were recorded. Then she stopped to give respect to Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse, saying what wonderful singers they were and what a shame it was that we had to lose such wonderful talent so early in their years. She then proceeded to sing a song of Amy Winehouse’sLove is a Losing Game‘.1png-gfhd

Total respect to Nana Mouskouri; I loved the performance and I would have loved to have met such a talented and awe-inspiring singer.

Photo Credit: Nana Mouskouri 

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