MT WARNING video “When It All Bleeds Out”

– by Jessica Thomas

Have you ever wondered what The Joker would look like standing in an empty white space, having splatters of blood thrown at him? This is the scene that has been captured in MT WARNING’s most recent film clip.

The talented MT WARNING (aka Mikey Bee) released his highly anticipated EP Petrified Heart last week. But before that, we were graced with a brand new film clip for the single “When It All Bleeds Out.”

The video begins with MT WARNING’s Mikey Bee emerging into the crisp and clean white studio. He is dressed in all white, and his face painted white with dark black outlines of his eyes and mouth. The pace of the track begins to quicken. Small squirts of red paint start to splatter the clean, white space

As the song progresses, the once stark white scene becomes more chaotic, grasping viewers attention. According to director Stefan Jose, this was the intention for the video. “It’s a track that pulls you in from the first kick drum and continues to force you in headfirst thereafter,” he says. “We needed a video that assisted that feeling by starting somewhere and finishing somewhere very different. We wanted to create a journey that was completely uncomfortable but one you just couldn’t look away from.”

MT WARNING describes the EP Petrified Heart as a letter. A confession and apology, it affirms a commitment to love. “This video is about the eyes, those windows to the soul, and beyond the makeup, the paint, the 80s diva performance, it’s just a guy searching for his own truth, pleading with his own eyes.”

When the video ends, Mikey Bee’s once white face is barely visible. And his white suit is now covered in a massacre of red paint.

Watch the video here:

Photo Credit: Mt Warning

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