Motley Crüe and Alice Cooper at The Perth Arena

– by Carla Avendano

The anticipation for their last show in Perth, the Farewell tour is an unexplainable mix of nerves, sickness and overriding excitement.  That’s an understatement. Oh how unworthy we are. Besides the fact that it was a spectacularly entertaining show, Motley Crüe and Alice Cooper totally live up to the rock legends that they will forever be in our hearts and in the music industry.

Amerdown the opening act did a good job of setting the mood for the ever ready fans, they were full of energy and had a few sexy little rock and roll moves here and there. However as soon as special guest the god-father of shock rock Alice Cooper made his entrance on stage the crowd welcomed with a roar of applause and screams which fit nicely with fire sparks shooting down from the roof. Cooper brings nothing but show stopping pure entertainment, greeting his fans by throwing his cane in to the mosh pit.

Following through alongside his amazingly rocking band with note-perfect versions of “No More Mr Nice Guy“, “Billion Dollar Baby“, “Poison“, “Welcome to my Nightmare” and “Feed My Frankenstein” just to name a few, his interaction with fans and performance on stage is immaculate. Cooper is not only a great artist but a fantastic performer, from costume changes and theatrical elements that add to an outstanding show. Throwing American dollar bills while rocking out to “Billion dollar baby” and replica diamond necklaces while performing “Dirty Diamonds“, adds to an entertaining night.

Out comes a guillotine and Cooper get his head sliced off, just before finishing off with the iconic “Schools Out“. Bringing out on stage a python around his neck, a creepy nurse and a contraption that turns him into a monster, awesome pyrotechnic features goes to show there was nothing holding Cooper and his band back from putting on what has been one of the most enjoyable gigs this author has seen.

So, Long Farewell” from The Sound of Music blared from the speakers as Motley Crüe took the stage, launching into a full force opening with “Saints of Los Angeles“. The lighting show and pyrotechnics had the fans going nuts welcoming these rock legends with tremendous cheer. “Wild Side” and “Primal Scream” followed while vocalist Vince Neil making his way along the whole stage capturing everyone there seeing them give it their all on their last ever show in Oz.

Mick Mars blew the crowd away with riffs that just kept coming, while Tommy Lee continued to be the hard hitting drummer we love. As well as keeping his bad boy image, Nickki Sixx delivered more than one could ask for. From shooting flames from their guitars and Tommy Lee smashing his set with the show stopping 360 roller-coaster ride, this was an unbelievable a night to remember. “Too Fast For Love” and “Smoking in The Boys Room” had the crowd drowning out Vince, making sure that they felt very well respected by they’re adoring fans. “Dr Feelgood“, “Shout at The Devil” and “Girls, Girls, Girls” were all highlights of the performance. Of course this wouldn’t be a rock concert without some skin, devoted fans showing a fairly good set which had these boys loving every minute of it.

With “Kickstart My Heart” seeming to be the end of a brilliant performance tears in the crowd flowed, but die hard fans weren’t leaving without an encore begging for one more song, desperation in their chant. Suddenly Motley Crüe reappeared on stage in the middle of the arena, for a beautiful piano singalong performance, their inforgettable last song of the night “Home Sweet Home“. Homage to Motley Crüe played on the screens as they performed for the last time on our Perth stage. You couldn’t help but feel utterly awed. We love you Motley Crüe, thank you for the tremendous performance.

Photo Credit: Matthew Picken

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