Moses Gunn Collective – ‘Back Into The Womb’ Video

– by Hannah Nissen

Just in time for their national tour with Jungle Giants, the new music video for ‘Back Into The Womb’ by Moses Gunn Collective has just been released, and is sure to put a disco hat and some Reject Shop streamers on your Monday. The polyrhythmic song surfaced in the last few weeks as a tasty glimpse of the debut album Mercy Mountain, which is set to be released later this year. The video is a glistening celebration, covered in glitter – the herpes of all art materials, and sprinkles the intuitive lyrics and catchy hooks of the song with great experimental vibes. The exposé can only be described as an immaculate conception of pretty people in sequence. The song features the glitterati-fabulous Gunn Collective draped in spangles, and candid, but contented faces covered in what appears to be the remnants of a unicorn orgy, and is an absurd journey back into the metaphorical, shimmery womb.

The video opens the way all music videos should; with the group walking out of an oversized, pink-felt vagina, complete with anatomically-correct-tinsel-bon-bon. They proceed to play and revel in a speckled mini-universe of colour and sparkle, with shiny spandex and one accidentally uncanny, but somehow more camp Old Greg inspired costume. The sincere facial expressions, the seamless production, and their acclaimed reputation in the East would suggest a band that take themselves really seriously, however this video is just a fun, synchronized, and slightly sarcastic cavort at the bands positive energy and insightful look into the concept of innocence, and the idea of revisiting our youth.

“Life is a one way ticket with no returns. We were all blind, deaf and dumb in the beginning, but also safe. The urge to return to this simple existence lingers, whether we know it or not. We’re always thinking about this weird shit.”
 Moses Gunn Collective on the inspiration behind writing ‘Back into the Womb’

Filmed in the group’s living room, ‘Back Into the Womb’ is a nonsensical, but perceptive time-and-space-warp, back to a time where vulnerability was simply a human trait instead of a wormhole into our insecurities… back to living in the moment like we knew nothing else..back to celebrating shades of lilac and magenta and all of the colours we see brighter as children, before the hardships of ‘reality’ make our eyelids heavy and our perceptions dark.

‘Back Into The Womb” takes you back to a time where we took it all in, back to where we came from.


Photo Credit: Moses Gunn Collective

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