Minimalist Caffeination

-by Rebecca Harris

I’m sure every young person can agree that they have relied upon coffee for various reasons. Whether it’d be as an early morning booster or as a late night comfort to get through assignments, this ever-increasing reliance on a drink, that can provide so much contentment, has caused a dramatic growth in coffee shops around Perth. One of the relatively newest additions to the caffeine scene is Max + Sons. Situated in the metropolitan hub, Max + Sons boasts a minimalistic interior and serve the coffee shop necessities – black and white coffee (obviously!), tea, smoothies, sodas, juices, bagels, sandwiches and donuts.


I visited Max + Sons on a rainy Thursday morning while on my way to university. I hadn’t had breakfast yet and I was still exhausted from a late night. And of course, the obvious answer to an immediate wake up is coffee. I found myself walking down Globe Lane and after walking past Max  + Sons, I backpedalled and decided to try it out. After gazing at the menu, I ordered a breakfast bagel ($9) and a large latte ($4.50)

11084533_10202952885182105_431786054_nWhile waiting,  I noticed that Max+ Sons also sell Top Dup donuts like it’s predecessor, Mo Espresso. Max + Sons sell an assortment of unusual donut flavours, such as vanilla bean and blood plum Chantilly, but I can assure you, they are worth trying! After a few minutes of waiting, my order was served and I sat outside, enjoying my replenishing breakfast. I left with a stomach full of bacon, egg, cheese and caffeine and a new found sense of activeness.

With that being said, Max + Sons is definitely a new place to try! Despite the simplicity, they cater for both your hunger and caffeine needs instantly!

ADDRESS: 140 William Street, cnr Globe and Railway Lane, Perth, WA, 6000

TELEPHONE: 0425 237 019

WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Max-Sons/903637699669768?fref=ts


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