Michael McIntyre is Happy and Glorious

– by Andrew Charlton

Michael McIntyre has finished his Australian tour with one last show at the Perth Arena on Wednesday night. There was not a spot unfilled and everyone lost their minds as the comedian appeared on stage.

With good reason! I’ve not seen much of Michael McIntyre’s material in the past and I have to admit he blew me away that night. His bit was simply stellar. Though, according to my brother who’s seen far more of McIntyre than me, quite a few of his jokes were reused from previous tours and shows.

That didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the show. I’ve seen few comedians with such a stage presence as McIntyre; he managed to fill the whole arena. He was all over the stage, moving about so often he got in trouble from the guys manning the spotlights when they simply couldn’t keep track of him. For a larger man he had shocking agility as well, putting in pirouettes, backwards walks that bordered on moonwalks and gleeful skips across the stage.

Of course that has little to do with his actual humor. Which I have to say was ‑— as you’d hope — the standout part of the show. He had a sardonic, wonderfully gleeful nature to him. He’d smile and laugh at his own jokes and you couldn’t help but join in.


Largely these jokes revolved around his travel and his family. He talked about what he thought of Australia, and how he couldn’t stop himself doing the accent at every opportunity. I would’ve thought this would become rote quite quickly but he kept it fresh and humorous in a unique way.

Every joke he made seemed to add to the next; he would constantly reference previous bits. It brought the crowd in very nicely because they felt like in-jokes between us and him. It was like we were with him on this comedy journey.

Even if some of the jokes were reused from previous shows, I loved “Happy and Glorious.” It was a great night out and I’d highly recommend checking it out if it’s released on Blu Ray or Netflix.


Photo credits: PerthArena, UniversalMoviesINTL, Cloudfront

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