Mexican Bar-Com-Eatery

– by Rebecca Harris

LCexteriorIn the second installment of The Lavish Habits family, I present you with La Cholita. Having been around for 5 years now, La Cholita offers classic Mexican flavours, 70 different types of Tequila and a simple décor, much like it’s siblings (Who’s Your Mumma & Pleased To Meet You) with wooden booths, exposed brick walls, Perspex glass on different segments of the floor and hand painted cartoons on the walls.

I decided to visit La Cholita around 12.30pm on a Friday. Glancing over the menu, my lunch guest and I decided to order an assortment of food – tapas style. When the waiter arrived, we ordered 2 slow cooked pork, pineapple, onion tacos ($10), 1 crumbed prawn, pickled cabbage, avocado taco ($6.50), 1LCdrinks stuffed jalapeno, beef picadillo, walnut sauce taco ($7), the smoked chicken, pimento, queso corelo quesadilla ($15), a margarita ($16) and a tequila sunrise ($15).

After a small wait, which constituted in light chatter and the occasional glance out the window, overlooking William Street, our drinks arrived followed by the quesadilla and then the tacos. Despite the shock of the heavily salt-rimmed glass, the margarita had a salty, sharp, citrus taste. The tequila sunrise had a delightful sweet, tropical flavour, which was definitely refreshing for this hot weather!

One bite into the quesadilla brought a lovely blend of dairy and poultry. The smoky chicken with the warm, stringy cheese really hit a comforting spot. The tenderness of the pork with the sweet pineapple provided a delectable combination. LCquesadillaThe golden, crisp prawn worked well with silken avocado and preserved cabbage. The final taco, the stuffed jalapeno, was the biggest challenge of all. After a few minutes of contemplating, I took a bite. The crunch of the deep fried jalapeno, stuffed with spiced mince, coated in the light walnut sauce was a really delightful combination!

We left La Cholita, full of Mexican goodness and lovely liquor. I urge everyone to try all of the Clint Nolan enterprises for the uniqueness they bring to Perth’s food scene. You’d be really missing out if you didn’t.

 ADDRESS: 279 William Street, Perth, Western Australia, 6003


PHONE: (08) 9227 9238

HOURS: Monday-Thursday (5pm-12am), Friday-Saturday & Sunday (12pm-2am)

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