Methyl Ethyl: “Ubu”

New stuff from Oh Inhuman Spectacle.

Perth’s Methyl Ethel have released new singles, “Ubu” and “No. 28.” Following their widely praised LP Oh Inhuman Spectacle. The single is off of their follow up album Everything Is Forgotten which will be released on March 3, 2017.

Methyl Ethel is the languid virtuoso of Jake Webb. Webb began Methyl Ethel with pop home recordings mixed, created, and written by himself in 2013. In 2014 Webb set out to assemble a backing band. This sounds like the story of a musician with a bright future and a creative spark like no other (a sort of story we’ve heard so many times). Thom Stewart joined the line-up on bass and Chris Wright on drums.

“Ubu” is the second single to be released off of Everything Is Forgotten. “Ubu” ricochets over the room in an exceptionally intelligent manner, trickling with pop and indie-rock character. Wright’s drums accentuate every line as an immovable endeavour to add a feeling of significance to each line. Take a listen below:

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