Me Before You Opens in Cinemas

– by Sophie James


I do not want to give away the ending, but have a box of tissues ready next to you because this is going to be a classic tearjerker.

The movie is based on the beautifully written book by Jojo Moyes, and the movie was just as beautiful. Louisa, or ‘Lou’, is a young, vibrant and funny new caregiver to Will. Will is a wealthy former adventurer, but he was in an accident which left him paralysed.


Though initially Will pushes Louise away, eventually the pair develop feelings for each other. The film is overshadowed, however, by Will’s concern that he will not make her happy in the long run. This is where the tears start, people, because you know Louisa and Will are perfect for each other, even though they are so different and come from different backgrounds.

What makes me sad is that there are people out there like Will, and do they think they cannot make people happy with their love?  The way I see it, love is love and it’s going to be hard sometimes and it is going to be harder when your partner is paralysed, but it is all worth it in the end.


So to all of you people out there that have other half’s who are unfortunately paralysed or disabled, I would say that you are amazing and caring people as this movie shows only the smallest glimpse of the ups and downs you must go through on a daily basis.

If you liked the book or movie, there is a sequel to the first book called ‘After you’.


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