Matt Chats With Lior

-by Matthew Picken

This interview was held under strange circumstances, being that I was locked out of the office in the heart of Perth city I found a chair while the rest of Perth go about there normal, busy day of work. Struggling to hear and be heard while construction men madly drill my phone rings.

Good morning Lior.

 Good morning Matt.

How are you today?

 I’m good thanks.

I explain my situation and the loud drilling noise in the background, and we both have a good laugh about it, but I guess its about time I got on the serous side and start talking about the ten year anniversary tour for what is the most successful debut album in Australian music history; Lior’s Autumn Flow.


To be doing this tour with this album having been so popular, it must feel like a dream come true. What should the fans expect from this show?

It will be great to come back to Perth and do this. I am taking my full band on the road and will be playing Autumn Flow back to back and a selection of my favourites from the subsequent albums, but its really a celebratory and nostalgic revisit to an album that did amazing things for me.

How does it feel that this album holds the record for the most successful debut album in Australian music history to date?

The beautiful thing about this album is that I made it completely independently and with out any expectations. I did it independently out of necessity, because I could not get a record deal at the time. So to go into doing that and doing it for personal reasons and have it connect with so many people the way it did and in a really organic way was just a really amazing period in my life.

Autumn Flow was nominated for some of the biggest awards in 2005 like triple J’s J award Australian album of the year; the ARIA music awards Best Breakthrough Artist, Best Male Artist and Best Independent Release. What was that like for you?

2005 was definitely a year of pinching myself, there’s no doubt about that. It was just one of those really rare moments in life when you truly and absolutely have no expectations on something and you can never buy back that innocence. It was a great time.

Like me, did you find it strange that this album can hold its record the most successful independent debut album in Australia ever, but did not win the ARIA for Best Independent Release that year?

Hahaha…The thing is when I say independent I mean I did it without any record company or label what so ever but that ARIA independent category can include independent labels which mean that record labels that aren’t the major big ones. So it’s a little bit of a different classification of independent if you like, so that’s fine I don’t think about it, I was at the 2005 ARIA’s and I was nominated for Best Male Artist alongside the likes of Paul Kelly and just thought this is such a trip and I’m just so flattered to be here.

This tour brings you and a lot of great artist together on the stage. How did it come about and the logistics of getting them all to have October off to do this tour?

Haha, that’s a really good question Matt, it’s more about the only time I could get all these artists on board. It was a bit of a scheduling nightmare to be honest.

Yes these things can be a bit of a nightmare especially with such talented artists like Evan Mannell, Elana Stone, Bree Van Reyk, Ben Edgar, Gerard Masters, and Brett Hirst who also played on the album Autumn Flow originally with you.

Yes there all cracking musician’s and musician’s of that calibre are in demand so I am thrilled that it will be that line up and I am happy that they get to come to Perth with me as well.

With such a good career and so many award nominations, how was it to win the ARIA for Best Original Song Composed For Screen with Hoots lullaby written for ABC’s children show Giggle and Hoot?

That was really funny because I got asked to write that song before Giggle and Hoot even went on air and I just thought it would be some fun thing to do. I had never written a children’s song before and it ended up being the closing song to one of the most popular ABC’s children’s shows. It seems just about every young kid in Australia knows that show and that song. It’s kinda one of those things that the song is so popular and again I just didn’t know what it was going to do or what was going to happen. It’s beautiful, I get emails from kids and their parents about the song, it’s been a really lovely experience.

With four studio albums, one live, one collaboration and 1 compilation, that’s an impressive seven albums over the last 10 years. What’s next for you?

Thanks Matt, it’s been a busy 10 years and just looking ahead it’s continuing to make albums and contributing to doing interesting copulations. I’ll probably spend a bit more time touring overseas as well. So I guess it is that thing that at some point you have to stop reflect and celebrate because your always looking forward and that is why this 10 year album tour is a really good thing to do.

Over the years you have already done some overseas touring with some big festivals.

It’s always been a dream of mine to travel the world and play music so to be able to combine them is truly a gift.

Lastly I would like to ask you about your charity work and the projects you support like “Oscar’s Law.” What bought you to these charities and what would you like the public to know about them?

Oscar’s Law came to me through a really good friend who is very passionate about animal rights; I also do a lot of work with other charities like The Cambodian Children’s Trust. They do amazing work for orphans in Cambodia as well as the Global Poverty Project that is headed by an amazing Australian philanthropist and entrepreneur Hugh Evans. Its just one of those things that there are so many great causes out there, but it’s the ones that really pull at our heart strings more than others and I’ll often be bought about by my personal connections as well. I just try and do my little bit really. All of these are listed on my web site and I am always open to communicating with people who just want to write me an email about them. I am more than happy to send them information or put them in touch with these wonderful organizations.

Thank you so much for your time, we look forward to seeing you here in Perth playing at the Astor Theatre on the 30th of October.

 Thanks so much, I look forward to being in Perth. Thanks Matt


Photo Credit: Lior


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