Lost at Sea is Up in Lights

– by Tyler Boag

Electrify your senses at the Venn Gallery from September 5 to October 17 through an exhibition by Australian artist Brendan Van Hek.

Interestingly named Lost at Sea, Brendan takes a fresh approach to the conventional exhibition through his bright installations. Brendan Van Hek is a multidisciplinary artist whose work in sculpture, installation and drawing has been exhibited nationally and internationally.

First off, the overall impression one draws is most definitely positive. Though not initially, this perspective grows on you, as you experience the exhibition.

At first glance, the exhibition almost seemed non-existent as there were only five pieces of art to view. Upon viewing the art, amazement was assured. A bright turquoise-blue neon light instalment at one end, and a confidently placed black painted Perspex called Void 2014 at the other. They showed a very unique state about them. Neon instalments presented such simple beauty and pride it’s difficult to criticize them, despite being slightly dull or plain.

Though there was not all that much to see, the definitive fact is this exhibition requires you to view it from a number of perspectives. This reviewer found himself looking at each of the pieces from obscure angles with gratification and downright appreciation. Viewing one of the pieces from a certain angle obscured this reviewer’s body in the reflection. Quite an amusing sight and definitely a positive. In the end the lack of works aided the exhibition. There is a feeling of personal space so prominent it is very relaxing, complimenting Brendan’s works.

An exhibition that is certainly not for everyone. It can’t be said that this is my favourite exhibition but it’s also far from a bad one. For an interesting and peaceful experience, Lost at Sea will, for the most part, satisfy.

On show: 5th September – 17th October, Wednesday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm.

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