Loon Lake – New Single ‘Just Now’

– by Michelle Yeong

Remember that scene from Bring It On where Kirsten Dunst listens to her boyfriends’ mixtape and then finally lets go of all her angst and breaks into dance on her bed? That’s the exact feeling I get when listening to Loon Lake’s new single, ‘Just Now’. It’s been a while since something as catchy as this song has been released or been released by the Melbournites for that matter, as the quintet have been a bit quiet since the release of 2013 LP Gloamer. I thought it’d be impossible for Loon Lake to top ‘Cherry Lips,’ the oh-so-catchy single that made it into the Triple J Hottest 100 back in 2012, but I’d have to say, ‘Just Now’ is by far their best song yet.

The tune opens with a simple guitar strum, but certainly doesn’t like to waste anytime, and gets straight into the thick of things with the addition of an energetic drumbeat and thrashing guitar riff. The steady-fuzzy guitar sound and the unclean vocals add to the DIY aesthetic that Loon Lake seem to be aiming towards, creating a welcoming laid-back vibe. Having the lead guitar follow the melody maintains the freshness of the track, and complements its fun snappy feel. Relatable lyrics such as “..it’s my heart, in your hand, you need to take some care” takes the listener on a journey back to a time where they too were in a toxic relationship, but with such catchy hooks it’s easy to let go of the past and party instead. ‘Just Now’ is the second single that has been released this year from the indie-pop quintet, following ‘Surfin’’ which is another infectiously enjoyable indie-pop gem that’s worth checking out. If The O.C were still around, ‘Just Now’ would definitely make it onto Seth Cohen’s playlist.

 Photo Credit: Loon Lake

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