London Elektricity Rehashed

-by Hannah Nissen

The relentless force behind London Elektricity has been reignited and refueled thanks to three reworks from Gentleman’s Dub Club, KYX Orchestra, and Riot Jazz Brass Band that surfaced last week. Tony Colman(AKA Elektricity) co-founded the South London based Hospital Records back in 1999, which has brought us the likes of High Contrast, Danny Byrd, Netsky, and Nu:ToneColman has always taken inspiration from live instruments, performing many legendary shows in Camden’s infamous Jazz Cafe, and the fluid instrumental influences in these remixes are a testament to the raw, colossal sound.

The eerie new spin on ‘All Hell is Breaking Loose,’ with the help of reggae rooted Leeds boys Gentleman’s Dub Club has taken the track back to the lounge-acid jazz fusion seen in the sample track by Warren Kime . The ska input has given the song a completely new sound, allowing the bass-heavy echo to take on a new dimension of spooky ambiance. Full of riddim-dancehall undertones, the track is already a firm favorite and is set to go off around all festival circuits.

Prague’s KYX Orchestra presents their lounge-core cover of the classic drum and bass favourite ‘Out of This World’ and my lord, it is funky. With a jazz guitar bust and a solid bassline to match, the tune makes up for the lack of Lianne Carroll’s sweet vocals with virtuoso bursts of flavour and energy, and is sure to send you soulfully and smoothly into the week.

Finally, this instrumental rendition of ‘Just One Second’ stays true to the certified sun-rising-on-a-new-day sort of feel that you get from both the original, and the Apex remix. The Riot Jazz Brass Band delivers an uplifting, revitalised version of the favoured topline with a vitality emulating that seen on Syncopated City.


Photo Credit: London Elektricity

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