Local Artist Spotlight: ALEX

By David Charlesworth

Down at the Little Wing Corner Gallery in Subiaco a burgeoning artist’s imagination was given life through canvas from May 9-15. Known as Alex, this 21 year artist started out in street art and has worked with the gallery on many occasions since its opening. Colosoul had a chat with her about how her exhibition came into fruition while she spread her time between Perth and her home down south.



So tell us a bit about your exhibition. What’s the idea behind it?

“It’s called Fantastic Planet, it’s about mostly extra-terrestrial life looking down on planet earth and their way of interpreting what we do. So a lot of it is looking at subcultures like internet culture, like steampunk and that’s how all that’s represented in their alien like steampunk features.”

“I’m quite into internet subcultures, all my other in friends in my art group that’s what we focus on. We’re not fine artists we sort of look at low brow things that are affecting 21 year olds. That generation of early twenties, student life, past the coming of age more when you’re becoming an adult.”

How long have you been working on the exhibition?

“I’ve been painting works since about January but I paint really quickly, I’ve got quite a high turnover of my paintings. I had a lot of the paintings done about two months ago. I had them all finished and I’ve just been working on prep because I had the date booked and I’ve just been working towards that.”

I understand you will have made magazines about the exhibition, what was the idea behind this?

“The magazines have a bit of a spiel on the exhibition and a painting of or a picture of each of the paintings. So it’s sort of like a catalogue as well but more of street art focus or a street cred focus on it.”

“I like entertaining people. I don’t take an exhibition lightly and just chuck some cloths together, I really want to make it a show. I’m really excited to make it a show.”

What affect do you want your exhibition to have on people? What do you want people to feel when they walk away?

“I always want to surprise people, I don’t want my exhibition to be something boring something that people can just walk through. I want people to walk out, not so enlightened, but more ‘what the hell was that, is that real?’ Making people question what art is about, question what makes art, art. That makes good art, art. I want people to see that it’s not all just fine art, and it’s not all just black and white boring. If you walk out feeling any perspective on it then that what I want.”

“I never really think about what my art is, I just paint it a lot of the time, just whatever thought is in my head and whatever I feel like doing. I don’t really sit down and dissect some subjects, I don’t put too much thought into it.”

To view more of Alex’s work, you can visit her Tumblr here, or hit up her instagram page here.

She also has an awesome Creative Corps page.

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