Listen Out Review ⇁ Lord of The Midges

– by Hannah Nissen

The word festival for me brings up a lot of concerns.

Considering my love for the Macca’s loose change menu, and the fact that the last time I did any form of exercise would have been a half-hearted jog for the bus in 10th grade, I approached Listen Out with caution. The last time I had attended the festival was in 2013, the day separated the committed from the faint-hearted, raining from about 3 onwards, washing away the fake tans and fake festival heads that chose their reputable beauty over the $160 pledge to the party.

This year, with sunny skies ahead it looked to be a day free from drowned muskrats, and I was ready.

Kicking off the day at the 909 stage, bubblegum pop party duo GRRL PAL serenaded some sweet sugary feel-goodness into the already brimming day, with a cover of ‘Wildfire,’ the duo set the summer vibes for the hoard of bodies now entering/jumping the gates.

After a last-minute change to the bill, Future Classic’s Basenji jumped up next sporting a platinum blonde do and tracks from his debut EP. A couple tunes in the selection were a bit hit and miss for me, and although I didn’t really dig the songs he selected outside his stuff, the tracks on his new EP were enough to keep me vibing the atmosphere and sober shuffling.

Up next was Melbourne’s Roland Tings, hitting up classics like ‘Pala’ and keeping up the perky day-drunk-by-the-pool tunes. The set was great, finishing with his Future Classic jam ‘Something About You,’ but I must say his set was overpowered. It was about this time God himself unleashed the vengeful wrath-plague of Egypt unto us in the form of midges. Millions of freaking midges. As someone with untamable curls that spiral out and fairy bread freckles all over my face, I have a hard enough time not looking like a dirty, dirty hippy. So the midges that gathered, settled, and probably formed a South-Park-Lice-Capades type colonial society in my hair were not a great time

London DJ’s Dusky were up next, still repping the 909 stage as the sun started to fade, Dusky roused the crowd with warehouse tech representing their latest EP Ordinary World, mixing it up a few old bass favs.

I’m going to be honest Odesza was probably the area that I remember the least….not for the lack of entertainment, oh  goodness no. Mainly it was the weird festival urge to buy double blacks which tranformed me into a loud, adolescent woo-girl again with very little hand-eye coordination and almost no recollection of the set list. However, their set was densely layered with chill wave sunday sesh tones….setting a beautiful scene for the sun to set and transform the days adventure as their heavier stuff was played and we got a taste of the night to come.

By the time Golden Features graced the stage the day time summer vibes had shifted to a heavy party atmosphere in the little party community that showed so many fucked-up yet fun-lovin faces dancing to the grubby tunes, it would be enough to give my mum a heart attack. To quote a friend who had been going a bit too hard for a bit too long “Golden Features made my balls sweat tears.” His gritty tune ‘Factory’ hit punters in the face like they couldnt believe it, and the man himself even busted out a cheeky remix of an old Crookers song. It was definitely the highlight of the day for me, and apparently a buttload of others – despite the controversial clash between the big G.F and Gambino.

Left in the rubble of the rinse…I looked around the myriad of faces, calling and waving for the friends we had lost that day with my left hand, wildly holding on to dear life on some randoms shoulders with the other, i realised my whole day had been spent with great people, great music, and ultimately, in that little bug infested EDM universe of ours, if eating a bunch of protein with wings and losing our friends to the vortex of sound and kind strangers was the worst thing to happen that day, then ultimately life must be pretty damn good. As we were walking from the brimming park to the outskirts of Perth I thought about the day and how there was more love in the air than any other festival I had been to.

Thank god for public holidays. And Maccas loose change menu.


Photo Credit: Colosoul

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