Life’s Good in South Freo

– by Revathie Dhanabalan

A trip to South Fremantle isn’t complete without a visit to this quirky cafe located along the cafe strip. Ootong & Lincoln is a quintessential ‘Freo’ haunt, surrounded by natural light mixed with old-world bits and bobs. This hipster looking cafe is great for good food with good company.

Once an antique store, Ootong & Lincoln would be hard to miss with the colourful zebra mural on the north wall created by artist, Anya Brock. The cafe is adorned with randomly scattered vintage bicycles, 1950’s style seats and tables, and peeling colour wall paint which fills up cafe.


Along with the whimsical and wide collection of eclectic furnishings, Ootong & Lincoln has an extensive breakfast and lunch menu of seasonal and fresh edibles made with a twist. The cafe has two counters; one cleverly located at the front for people just after a quick and amazingly cheap takeaway coffee, and one at the back next to their incredible display cabinet.

On my first trip to the cafe, we deviated from what we knew and ordered Chai buttermilk pancakes with honey cream line ($17.50) to start and Potato cake spinach hollandaise poached egg with bacon ($19.50). The pancakes were a clear-cut standout as each fluffy mouthful delivered an explosion of flavour.

If you’re not a morning person, I would definitely suggest visiting Ootong & Lincoln for lunch. There is a wide selection of palatable goods including an array of salads, and my personal favourite, Veggie lentil patties with tomato, quinoa salad and raita. The counter next to the till is packed with rows of fresh salads, croissants and the cafe’s own assortment of homespun cakes. A standout was the Lumberjack cake, made with coconut, apple and dates; it beckons with promise of deliciousness.ootong

Not at all contrived or hippie, Ootong & Lincoln is perfect for lazy afternoons and for a good cup of coffee. Functionality, flavour and style combine to create and individuality that reflects the local area and creates a space that sets Ootong & Lincoln apart.


ADDRESS: 28 South Terrace, South Fremantle

WEBSITE: www.ootongandlincoln.com.au

PHONE: (08) 9335 6109

HOURS: Monday – Sunday, 6:30am – 5pm


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