Last Dinosaurs ‘Wellness’ Album Review

– by Michelle Yeong

Whoever said dinosaurs are extinct are clearly wrong. Paleontologists get your act together.

Brisbane indie-pop punters, Last Dinosaurs, have recently dropped their shiny new album, ‘Wellness’, and I’ve gotta say – it’s a beauty. Some might say that the lads left too much of a gap in-between the release of debut album ‘In A Million Years’ and the aforementioned ‘Wellness.’ Though, if the lads hadn’t decided to take time off to tour around the world, we wouldn’t have the album we have today. Based around feelings of love, melancholy and of course The Matrix, ‘Wellness’ ebbs and flows in all the right places.

‘Wellness’ isn’t like its predecessor, in the sense that there’s more focus on the textured synth melodies rather than on the guitar heavy-riffs. The synth creates a whole new dimension in their tunes, adding more depth and substance to each track (you shouldn’t try and fight the synth too much and instead let it fuel your body with sun-dappled goodness, trust me it’s good for the soul). Current single ‘Apollo’ is the perfect example of the band trying to distance themselves from their signature sound to the more funky disco-pop inspired tracks featured on the album. Although, Last Dinosaurs haven’t totally abandoned their signature sound, tracks such as ‘Evie’, ‘Karma’ and ‘Always’ both lead with their distinct heavy-riffs and encompass memorable-as-ever vocal melodies.

‘Take Your Time’ is the perfect intro track, easing us into a dreamy cascade of smooth vocals, upbeat percussion and playful guitar riffs. This track is easily one of my personal favourites from the album. The title track ‘Wellness’ slows things down a bit, a nice game changer half way through the album. It’s a nicely paced experimental track that captures that lazy Sunday vibe.

The album is best described as a cheesecake. I mean of course that it is a well-thought out layered album that must be listened to from start to finish. The growth of Last Dinosaurs from ‘In A Million Years’ to ‘Wellness’ is palpable, cementing their status as a formidable band amongst the indie-pop genre.





Photo Credit: Last Dinosaurs

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