Laneway Picks

– by Tim Wilson

Laneway Festival is taking over the Fremantle tomorrow, and we look forward to seeing you all there! In case you are still struggling to work out who you want to see, we are here to help, through the form of a complete summary of who-not-to-miss-and-why.

Caribou – Dan Snaith (or Caribou) is an electronic music producer from Canada. His debut album was released in 2005 through Domino Records and since then has released 3 more full-length studio albums. Caribou has a distinct spacey house feel to his music combined with his soothing vocals sets good vibes for any environment. With no sideshows in Perth, Laneway is must to see this talent.

Dune Rats – The Dune Rats trio have made a name for themselves by being some of the loosest blokes to tour overseas bringing with them the not so desired Aussie stereotypes (See Red Light, Green Light) or desired, depends which side of the fence you sit on. The majority of their music consists of simple chord progressions and loud drums but energetic to say the least, definitely gets the crowd amped up. If you want to jump around and scream, head to Dunies at Laneway.

Flight Facilities – After releasing their debut album earlier in 2014, Hugo and Jimmy have been massive hits amongst the Future Classic crowd and all over Australia for that matter. Really dig their style and these days I pay a lot more credit to electronic artists who create albums rather than singles and EP releases every now and then, it confirms that they have put a lot of time and effort into the recording and the launch which hypes me up.

Flying Lotus– It would be wrong trying to summarize FlyLo in such a short paragraph. Go see him.  I’ll just say one word, ‘Hypercube’.

Jon Hopkins – In the next few weeks I hope to really dive deep into the realm of Jon Hopkins as the brief amount of music I’ve heard from him sounds very on point, not to mention the accolades that come with the music such as contributions to Coldplay, Brian Eno and keyboard player for Imogen Heap. His album Immunity was also nominated for the 2013 mercury prize. Synth fuzz and PHAT bass lines is what’s gonna slap your face around when you lock eyes with this guy at laneway, so be prepared.

Pond – Well well well, if it isn’t homegrown lords, Pond. These guys share a piece of vital life with me being form Perth and growing up in the culture that Tame Impala bloomed from. If you haven’t already, get onto the album “Beard, Wives, Denim” prior to laneway. It’s full of nostalgic riffs and delays that could send a man insane (in a good way). Don’t miss these dudes pls.

Mac Demarco – I’ve heard a lot of stories about this nutcase from Canada, a simple looking man who writes simple lyrics but his tunes are far from it. I first came across Mac or (Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV) when my sister showed me “Freaking out the neighbourhood,” from his second LP cleverly named “2.” I later found out that this song is about a time he drank a little too much at a family karaoke night where things got “carried away” and a drumstick ended up half way up his ass. From then on I knew this guy would be in my life until my last days. Dreamy guitars and very relatable lyrics are really what draws me in to this band and can’t wait to see them for the first time.

Seekae – Yet another talent to sprout from Future Classic, George Nicholas and Alex Cameron make up Seekae, named after the initials of Commander Keen from the PS DOS video game series, have received critical acclaim for their unique electronic post dubstep/house influence. George frayed from Seekae for a while to work on Cliques, a slightly more energetic feeling project which I really so check them out too.

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