KISS 40th Anniversary Tour

 – by Carla Avendano

Kicking off with an extravagant first show for their 40th anniversary tour, KISS graced the shores of Perth with the most spectacularly entertaining full of fire and excitement concert I have ever been to in my whole life, something that was truly memorable.

kiss 2

The boys broke out on stage to “Detroit Rock City” at about 9pm to an awaiting sea of adoring fans fully face painted and ready to rock. Not only did they bring an amazing pyrotechnics show full of flame throwers, lasers and fireworks, but also an enormous fire spewing 43,000kg mechanical arachnid, The Spider. Smashing out fan favourites and classic hits like “Deuce”, “Pyscho Circus”, “Creatures of the Night” and “I Love It Loud” gave a great start to what continued to be and eye popping heavenly hellish experience unlike no other. Gene Simmons taking centre stage with “War Machine” had the arena fill up with roars and applause from the crowd while he casually spat fire, the flames so hot you could feel them hitting the standing front.


Powering across the whole stage and using it to their full advantage, Starchild Paul Stanley, Demon Gene Simmons and Spaceman Tommy Thayer who took on an epic solo later on kiss 3shooting fireworks from his guitar continued giving an experience of a lifetime preforming “Do You Love Me”, “Hell or Hallelujah” while Catman Eric Singer rose to the roof on the spider giving a full force drum solo coming back down continuing on with “Calling Dr Love” and “Lick It Up”. Gene Simmons capturing the crowd with an incredible bass solo while iconically sliding his famous tongue up and down his bass guitar while the blood he spat trickled down his chin, needless to say these hardcore fans lost their shit with the infamous site, they bloody loved it. Paul giving a more of an intimate performance with “Shandi” with the rest of these incredible rockers joining him half way. “Cold Gin” and “Love Gun” had everyone in the arena rocking out, the entertainment just kept coming during the show having Starchild fly over the top of fan heads to a smaller rotating stage, before flying back over to join the rest of KISS in “Black Diamond” clearly a crowd favourite.


The show was coming to an end but these incredible rock legends were not quite done with taking our breath away. If the whole arena wasn’t standing off their seats by now the encore definitely did the job, “Shout it Out Loud” was just the beginning to an unforgettable end, then came “I Was Made For Lovin’ You” which had the audience on akiss 4 singalong with KISS,  just to top things off besides the heat from the pyrotechnics and the memorable visuals the screens of the stage were giving,  down rained white confetti as KISS preformed their final song of the night “Rock and Roll All Nite” it covered any standing fan like it was snow as we belted out the lyrics along side these rock gods. KISS put on more than just an incredible and amazing performance they gave an experience a truly unforgettable moment that will be remembered for the rest of our lives.


 Photo Credit: Matthew Picken
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