Katy Steele: Where’s the Laughter?

– by Louis Humberstone

“Where’s the Laughter”, the first single by Katy Steele from her upcoming debut solo album Human, finds the Australian singer-songwriter charting new ground whilst retaining her distinctive voice.

“Where’s the Laughter” is based around a layered percussive track which allows the single to weave around a fresh and spacious sound complimented by a rich, natural piano. The single is developed by Steele’s strong voice, gifting it with a familiar quality, treated to a slight edge through barely noticeable effects.

The single was produced by Steele and fellow Perth native Matt Gio in basement studio of her childhood home. Their collaboration found them experimenting with Hip-Hop inspired loops. Steele says of the track: “We started to experiment with making our own loops out of percussive layers like clicks, claps and things really started to change feel. The songs started to feel real and human. We were heavily influenced by raw, organic sounding percussion and it really became a foundation for the record. I wanted to marry that element with my obsession with the voice and gospel choirs.”

The single explores lyrical themes of letting go and having fun, as Steele asks “Where’s the laughter? Where’s the fever? Where’s the movement?” Steele explains the song as, “Finding the humour and finding the freedom of being in the present.”

Stepping away from the sound she crafted with Little Birdy, “Where’s the Laughter” teases the sounds that we can expect from the debut solo output by Katy Steele. Due to be released in October, Human promises to be a synthesis of her charismatic past career and her direction for the future.

Human is available for pre-order now!

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