Katy Steele Jack Rabbit Slim’s – Friday December 18

-By Jacob Herbert

KATY STEELE will be doing a one off show at Jack Rabbit Slims on the 18th of December to do a full set of only her new solo material. After impressing the large crowds at BIGSOUND and State Of The Art Festival its no mystery as to why Katy Steele has been selling out shows across Australia.


Steele released her first single ‘Fire Me Up’ in March 2013 and was featured on the Triple J program ‘Home and Hosed’. 2 years later and she is nearly ready to release her very own full length album. Unfortunately for all the Little Birdy fans who were hoping to go to hear some old tunes but this Jack Rabbit Slim’s gig is said to be a full set of material that Steele is yet to release in her upcoming solo album. Throughout 2015, Steele has been focussing on the planning and recording of her album while occasionally making appearances at events like the State of the Art Festival and BIGSOUND, where she stunned the crowd.

Katy Steele – Fire me up


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