Kate, Don’t Scream @ UWA’s Dolphin Theatre


By Matt Farsalas

Theatre is not something that springs to mind when thinking of the University of Western Australia. WA’s most prestigious university is more renowned for its academia then its love for Shakespeare and Miller. However, the University Dramatic Society (UDS) has been turning some heads with its recent stellar performances. ‘Kate, Don’t Scream’ continues this tradition as the play has everything from comedy to suspense.

The drama is a murder mystery set in England just before the outbreak of World War II. The plot unfolds in a Northern hotel, where an array of peculiarities and happenings lead to an obscure game of ‘Cluedo’. The play was consistently original and unpredictable by incorporating a number of twists and turns that kept the viewer on the edge of their seat. For the most part, it was thoroughly entertaining, however the ending was abrupt and hastily resolved.

The cast put on an unreal performance with authentic accents that rarely strayed out of character. Standouts included the butler’s Northern English brogue and Charles Humphrey’s well polished, west-London twang. Characters were consistent and believable with most actors able to maintain genuine persona’s throughout the play’s duration.

The set was also quite impressive as UDS made impressive use of limited props and space. Set transitions were clever and savvy with rarely a hiccup or difficulty. The transition from inside to outside was most impressive as stage helpers transformed the entire nature of the setting in minimal time. Use of sound effects and lighting were on point as gunshots and loud samples all contributed to its authenticity.

As a whole, ‘Kate, Don’t scream’ was an impressive show, which greatly surpassed expectations. The entire production came close to rivalling the performances of WAAPA and other academies renowned for their theatre. Whilst the production could be a little more polished, ultimately, what UDS has achieved is admirable and a joy to watch.

‘Kate, Don’t Scream’ runs until October 4.

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