Jungle Giants – Every Kind of Way Tour

– by Michelle Yeong

After a long time waiting, everyone’s favourite Brisbane indie-pop quartet have released a new catchy single, showcasing it at Amplifier Bar. The night may have been cold, but the sold-out show created a warm inviting atmosphere for its guests.

The night kicked off with Flower Drums, literally, as the five-piece enthusiastically smashed out their dreamy set barefoot. Flower Drums have just recently finished a mini tour of Australia, visiting Melbourne and Sydney, in preparation for the release of their highly anticipated EP 28 Mansions. Flower Drums have a distinct well-developed sound; their performance contained reverb-drenched vocals, smooth guitar riffs and catchy synth beats. The exuberant 5-piece had the crowd in awe and it was easy to see why they are a Perth favourite and an act to keep an eye on.

Up next was Grrl Pal, who I admit I hadn’t heard of until this night – kind of wish I had. Vocalist, Jay LeKat, was engaging from the moment she stepped on stage as she mesmerized the crowd with her soothing vocals and pop-influenced lyrics. Grrl Pal crafted interesting, unique electronic bangers that had everyone in the crowd dancing. At one point Jay even jumped down into the crowd to dance with as many people as she could. In between the songs, the band made attempts at awkward banter that just made them seem somewhat cooler and more approachable. Overall, their performance was stellar and I’ll definitely be getting my hands on their new EP.

It didn’t take long before the entire venue was at maximum capacity, and ready, waiting to be graced by The Jungle Giants. The four-piece were given a warm welcome by the crowd and got straight into their energetic set, opening with ‘Come and Be Alone With Me’. Anyone who has been to a Jungle Giants gig will know that they’re in for a fun/crazy time, this tone was set when vocalist/guitarist, Sam Hales, admitted to wearing a lemon in each of his shoes because he had lost a bet prior to the gig. When the band belted out classics such as ‘Mr. Polite’, ‘She’s A Riot’, ‘Skin To Bone’ and ‘I Am What You Want Me To Be’, this encouraged crowd surfing, both from members of the crowd and from bassist, Andrew Dooris, who later admitted that it had been almost three years since his “last surf”. A majority of the set was filled with clap-friendly, cheerful, danceable tracks off their notable repertoire of catchy indie-pop driven songs. ‘Every Kind of Way’ was the new single that everyone was dying to hear. The verses were similar to Courtney Barnett’s style of singing, in the sense that it felt almost conversational, but delivered in a sultry voice. This track marks a more mature style of music writing from our favourite Brisbanites, containing a leading bass line, smart guitar riffs and minimalistic drums – giving us all a taste of what’s to come from their new album, set to be released later this year. All in all, solid performance from The Jungle Giants, who did what they do best and played out a show that felt as if you were attending a house party right out of a 90’s teen movie.


Photo Credit: Jungle Giants

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