Julian Lamadrid to complete “Un-trilogy” EP

The latest track by Julian Lamadrid is another illustration of his unique approach to Pop music and example of how, with drive and inspiration, the tools to create great music is at the hands of most everyone.

“New Found Love” has a deceivingly high production sound, it is masterfully melodic and is lyrically lapidary. The young artist is hard at work and it shows, in under two years he has created some of the most original and memorable pop music that will surely open doors for this enthusiastic music lover.

19 year old Lamadrid is an adept home producer, mastering Garage Band and now producing with Logic; this Mexican born, Dubai raised and New York bound artist has a bright future ahead, after the great reception of his first two EP’s Understand and Untouched the third instalment of this Un-trilogy is set to be released in October.

“New Found Love” has some interestingly cerebral lyrics about mentality and a melody that you can completely empty your mind to and hopefully join Julian in “zoning”.


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