Jamie T at The Astor

– by Carla Ines

Jamie T, Monday 26 January, Astor Theatre

It has been a long six years since Jamie T hit our Aussie shores, and what better way to return than Australia Day at the Astor? Jamie T had the crowd going from the moment he hit the stage, the atmosphere was amazing: nothing but pure buzz! Giving a “Happy Australia Day!” before starting the opening song was a great way to engage with his audience and in return he crowd welcomed his second song, ‘Limits Lie’ with cheers. Singing along with such an amazing artist was easy.

This talented performer was enthusiastic, and the audience responded well to his smooth charisma. The theatre vibrated with excitement throughout the entire show, slowing to a chill, blissful state for ‘Love is only a Heartbeat Away’. Shortly after this, however, the crowd’s mood was brought back up with ‘Peter’, where devoted fans risked drowning out Jamie T’s own voice, screaming the lyrics they loved.

The show began to draw to a close. Thanking his band, Jamie T left the stage, only to return moments later in response to overwhelming begs for an encore. Jamie T appeased these requests with three of his hits, finishing off with ‘Sticks and Stones’. This was clearly a favourite, the entire venue went nuts, singing along to every word of the song!

The four year wait for this new album, Carry on the Grudge, was worth it. It was simply incredible to see so much passion and hype in the one room. Jamie T proved himself a down-to-earth artist who prioritises making and performing incredible music over fame and fortune, and it is this infectious  passion that has grown such a faithful fan base. A pleasure to be a part of!

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