It’s called Central Intelligence, but you don’t need to be intelligent to watch it

– by Sophie James


I have recently watched the movie Central intelligence starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin “The Small Comedian” Hart.

First of all, I am a huge fan of both of these men. Kevin Hart is currently the world’s most successful comedian, selling out football stadiums, and ‘The Rock’ is my world wrestling entertainment favourite. Maybe I expected too much from them.


Throughout the movie, both actors tried way too hard to be funny. I like “silly funny”, don’t get me wrong, but this was too much for me.

“Central Intelligence” is a movie that is nothing like real life, and has no point to it.

‘The Rock’ plays a CIA agent. On looks alone, he is believable only by the incredible muscles he has developed. But in movies, you have to act, and his personality in this movie is just… ‘meh’.

It might be harsh, but his character is downright stupid, and is a complete disservice to CIA agents, even those who are just comedic movie characters.


Hart’s character is an accountant who was amazing at everything at high school. Though he had high expectations of himself for the future, he did not meet those expectations. Enter ‘The Rock’, who needs help catching ‘the bad guys’ (from a non-CIA agent…). Predictably, he realises he wants a family instead of his high school expectations. Groundbreaking.

Basically, it is one of those movies where everything works out for everyone. To put it another way, “Central Intelligence” is a movie that is nothing like real life, and has no point to it.

Honesty is key, guys.


Photo credits: Forbes.com, Youtube

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