Isaac Gracie’s EP: Songs From My Bedroom

-By Conor Graham

As a lover of home-grown talent and the DIY attitude of so many musicians today, the title of Isaac Gracie’s most recent EP release, Songs From My Bedroom had me thoroughly intrigued. Isaac Gracie is a 21 year old Englishman with a voice and song writing style laden with more maturity than his age would suggest. Citing influences such as Radiohead, Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley, Gracie brings his perfected style to the table with subtle hints of his favourite musicians intertwined throughout.

Isaac Gracie’s determination during his studies of English Literature and Creative Writing at University led to him releasing his production of Last Words. Whether the low quality production was intentional or down to inexperience, it really allowed the quality of composition to shine through similar in style to Buckley Senior and Jackson C. Frank.

The five track EP kicks off with the emotionally wrought, Terrified that immediately introduces us into the style the rest of the release set’s out to portray. The home production ignoring the usual ‘rules’ of clipping and background noise adds perfectly to the raw and organic feeling the songs perfectly depict. His vulnerable yet powerful voice lull’s beautifully over the simple chord structures with the repeated line ‘I’m Terrified’.

Gracie has spoken openly in interviews about how his confrontation with depression allowed creativity to flow more naturally and aided him to write songs from the heart. His experiences with love; heartbreak and difficulties within his family growing up have allowed him to write thought provoking and true lyrics relevant to his experiences. Nothing is over complicated, just simple and honest from the beginning to the all too sudden end. He has also spoken about how through or even outside his music he would love to connect more with others.

The second track Hollow Crown opens with the frustrated voice of Isaac saying ‘take five million’ humorously showing the strains of home recording. His talent with words, a talent passed down from his poet Mother, expertly compress feelings of true heartache into a four minute audio clip. The rest of the exposed tracks ring true and clear with anyone that has felt in anywhere similar to Isaac Gracie throughout their life. An EP guaranteed to make anyone feel as if they know all there is to know about the author.

Haunting. Honest. Sorrowful. Beautiful.

isaac gracie

Photo Credit: Isaac Gracie

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