Is Femininity Back For Women’s Fashion?

– by Elyse Simich


While femininity is set to make a comeback this spring, it is doing so with a modern twist.

Fitted garments are juxtaposed with items from the 90’s to give girlier outfits a grungy edge. In contrast with winter fashion, which heavily featured dark and taupe colours, spring is set to showcase much brighter colours.

Gone are the times of needing huge shoulder pads to power dress.




The original colour of femininity, pink, is featuring heavily on the runway, particularly in Prada and Gucci’s 2016/17 collections. According to Sakki Design founder Christina McDonald, though, this season will also include a lot of lime and orange. These more vibrant colours will give a new edge to femininity, with structured garments juxtaposing the heavier fabrics they are crafted out of.

“I think we’re getting the femininity from the structure of the garment, rather than the fabric,” Christina McDonald said. This is a change from the looser fitting clothing of the past season, such as oversized knitwear and large jackets. In a perfect combination of two seasons, looser-fitting and flowing garments are being contrasted with cutouts and slits to add femininity.




While florals are always a prominent print, text and numbers will feature more heavily season. When paired with fitted garments, these prints add a touch of much-needed grunge. This stems from the idea of ‘modern femininity,’ which is perfectly showcased when paired with the 90’s trend.

Modern femininity is a trend where chunkier items are paired with ‘girly’ items; a sheer skirt might be paired with a bold knit. Celebrities such as Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have brought about this 90’s revival by wearing choker necklaces and crop tops. These trends add an edge to more modern and feminine pieces, such as skinny jeans and heeled boots.




Another typically feminine piece, which is once again rising in popularity, is the mini skirt.

Once again, they are being crafted out of harsher materials such as leather and denim, to balance out the sweetness of the outfit. Even dungarees have made a comeback, often in the form of a mini skirt or skinny jeans to maintain a feminine appearance. Baggier styles can be paired with tighter shirts and heels for the same effect.




Gone are the times of needing huge shoulder pads to power dress, now you can power dress and look gorgeously feminine at the same time! Sounds like heaven to us.


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