Is coconut water really good for you and your skin?

– by Sophie James


Every website lately is raving about coconut water, and there are some serious benefits to it. What they don’t mention, however, is the side effects.

Although it is very low in calories, it does have a high sugar intake at around 5g. It can also be pretty dangerous for pregnant or breast feeding women, because coconut water lowers blood pressure so it may cause medications to not work properly.

You definitely shouldn’t quit your beauty routine because you’re drinking coconut water, but it will help to keep you healthy.

Despite these issues, though, coconut is still a great option for your body. According to Body and Soul, it’s a low fat drink which is a good change from sugary drinks as it has no artificial additives, no sweeteners, no cholesterol, 99 per cent fat free and is low in carbohydrates. It can lift you up and put more energy into that body of yours as it helps with zinc, selenium, iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium and it can lift your B and C vitamin intake.

It can help both your health and skin in many ways. For your body, coconut water helps with cardiovascular health and boosts your metabolism, so you burn more calories. It can even prevent you from getting kidney stones! Along with other benefits such as helping with digestion, muscle cramps, reducing bloating and lowering blood pressure, drinking coconut water can also help your skin.


For the best skin, you need to keep hydrated, and coconut water will protect your skin against dryness and the sun. You do not have to drink the coconut water to make a difference to your skin, though; you can put it in a mask and embrace the after effects. Coconut water can even help reduce the signs of aging with combining coconut water with yoghurt exfoliates to moisturize the skin.

If you dab coconut water onto an infected area on your skin, it can actually improve it as it has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic characteristics. If you suffer from acne or if you have a break out, put some coconut water onto the blemish with some honey, and it will help to reduce it and leave your skin smooth.

So, while you do need to be cautious if you have risk factors, and definitely shouldn’t quit your beauty routine because you’re drinking coconut water, it will help to keep it healthy.


Photo credits: newafghanpress.com, draxe.com

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