Interview with Riley Pearce

-By Kate Michelle

“Today I am here with Perth artist Riley Pearce, how are you today?”

“Good thanks, what about you?”

“Good thanks, my first question is about your EP which came out on Friday, what was it like putting that together?”

“All the songs from the EP were inspired by my trip to Montana I took a while ago, and yeah putting the songs together. I went away on that trip wanting to explore my music sort of creatively and see what came from a trip like that, and when I came back and I had all these songs and workshopped them with the band and ended up putting them together in the EP.”

“What started off your musical career?”

“Ahh we’re going way back to when I was a little kid. I mean I probably started playing guitar watching this guy called Don Spencer who was like a children’s entertainer. And my Dad played guitar in bands, with cover bands around the place and stuff like that. And yeah just had guitar lessons all through school and then started busking towards high school and then different farmers markets and then started writing my songs and then from there I decided I might be good and try and play a gig.”

“Where do you find your inspiration for your music?” “Certain bands or?”

“My sound is kind of inspired by certain artists and different musicians, but in terms of what I’m writing about, it’s probably inspired by everything like stuff that happens to me, stuff that I’m thinking, certain ideas and things that I read around the place.”

“You’re doing a lot of shows around Australia this year, coming up soon, is there any place you’re really looking forward to?”

“I’m definitely looking forward to shows down south, that’s always fun but then also over east. Only because I’m playing my first shows, well my first shows are in Sydney, but that’s my first kind of head line shows around the place.”

“And do you have a favourite place to perform?”

“Like a venue?”


“Indie Bar in Scarborough is always a lot of fun because a lot of people always show up hahaha so that’s kinda good, haha no it’s just such a good bar there and everyone just wants to have fun.”

“Do you have shows coming up in Perth soon?”

“Yep so we’ve got this Friday at the Rosemount Hotel in North Perth.”

“Is it good performing in Perth? Or do you like other places better?”

“Perth is always fun but it’s also fun to try new places and see how people react to your music and just try build a crowd in those places is always good.”

“And what’s in store for your music in the future?”

“I don’t know, that’s the exciting thing is not knowing what’s going to come from it all. I mean after this EP I’ll probably get into writing more songs and look to do some more recording but that’s probably still a while off.”

“And about your trip in America, what would you say the highlights of that trip were?”

“Well there’s so much of it that’s so good, just how picturesque America is and just being able to drive to all these different places and all the different cultures that kind of exist in America, it’s pretty cool seeing how different it is. The food is pretty good, I got to see some really awesome music, like I went down to Austin for a bit and I was there for South by Southwest, it’s like this massive music festival they have there, the town just goes nuts, there’s so much live music everywhere and I stumbled across some really good bands from around the world, so that was a lot of fun. But umm yeah, the food, I know I already mentioned the food, but the food was really good.”

“That includes all my questions today, thank you so much for coming in.”

“No worries, thanks for having me.”


Photo Credit: Riley Pearce

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