Interview with LC McKenzie

Wordplay interviews emcee LC McKenzie in the lead up to the release of his sophomore mixtape, Breaking Reality On Konkrete Exits (also known as B.R.O.K.E.).


B.R.O.K.E mixtape is your second mixtape in 1 year, what were the inspirations for this mixtape?

The inspirations were based on actual events I’ve experienced and still going through at the moment. I quit my jobs, people owed me money and I owed people money. The vicious circle. My friend Helena, who played a big role in my writing the mixtape, told me to make music that people can feel and reflect on. It was a hard moment to process but I started to understand after I wrote Broke Peeps. Then it all started falling into place.

What was the process behind making the mixtape?

I wasn’t aiming for the style of beats most rappers are going for. I pick the beats that can describe how I feel. I collaborated with G-Zuzz, Spesh & Claudia an up-and-coming singer. G-Zuzz insisted we get Spesh on Broke Peeps after recording the track. It was missing that Spesh touch.

You’ve been splitting your time between Perth and Newcastle, so how did that work with making the mixtape?

Being back in Newcastle was awesome! It made the mixtape writing process easy, as I wasn’t time limited, like I was before when I recorded Less Than Zero. I became more relaxed and just worked with the flow.

What are some of the themes on the mixtape? And what are some of the features?

The songs are about two worlds of been broke and making the best of what you have. As an artist or anyone who are is my position, would know the struggles of working and making music.

When you were in Newcastle you did a couple of shows. Shed some light on the Newcastle hip hop scene.

The first show was a two-track performance, Wizla (from Blades) offered the spot and I took it. Then the second show was a proper 20 minute set, that was possibly the best set I’ve ever done. It’s funny I say that but I keep growing, so every time I perform take it as the best set I’ve ever performed.

What’s next for LC McKenzie?

More projects on the way; another mixtape late December, I’m working with the Perth producer Black Moses, Sal Soto, Family Over Everything & many other artists.

Interview by Kylie de Vos

Photo thanks to Jimmy Yeyo.

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