Interview with Chester P from Taskforce

Wordplay interviews Chester P from Taskforce in the lead up to their first Australian tour in nearly 10 years. 


Having recently released Music From The Corner (MFTC) Vol. 5 how was it been received?

It’s been received really well actually. Our fans are very loyal and have always supported us, and this time round proved to be the same. Sales are steady and feedback has been 100% positive so far. Some say it’s the best MFTC to date.

Given that MFTC Vol. 5 was released 12 years after the first, was it a tough decision to wrap-up the MFTC series?

No, it was a much needed closure on something we had promised both the fans and ourselves would be 5 volumes deep. During recording it Farma G found out he was gonna be a dad to twins and a grandad too, so it was an eventful rollercoaster getting it done. I myself had been lost in my own life for a few years leading up to MFTC 5 and it really helped my soul to get back into music.

I’ve noticed over the years that you’ve published a fair amount of poetry online. What are the similarities and differences in your approach to writing rap verses and poems?

It’s two very different things to me actually. Mainly [because] I write poetry to silence and raps to a beat, but also the thought process changes and in many ways I allow myself freedoms writing poems I wouldn’t while writing raps. But it’s all just acorns on a branch of the hip hop tree!

You’ve featured on a number of tracks from younger artists recently, notably the High Focus guys. How important is it for the veterans of the scene to keep those ties with the younger generation?

I think it’s important for my generation to stand supportively behind the new waves that follow – not compete or dictate – just support and offer guidance and any wisdom that may of been collected. I’m a true fan of music and will always be in the background pushing the younger lot, without condescending or being preachy.

Who are some younger British cats to look out for?

Remus is someone to watch out for seriously. Check his Warm Up Session on SB.TV and he has a little crew growing fast. There’s loads of acts to watch for but, for me, Remus is definitely gonna be leading a new wave of rappers.

Although it’s a shame that Farma G isn’t coming Down Under, it’s cool that Remus is coming with you. What can you tell us about Remus?

Well he is a young dad and the son of Farma G, he is extremely talented and being raised by us has definitely given him a more rooted train of thought than many of his counterparts. He is wise and has some important messages regarding youth culture today, which a lot of today’s rappers lack, knowledge, the missing element of hip hop!

It’s been nearly a decade since you’ve touched down on our shores, and we’ve been hungrily waiting. What can we expect from the Taskforce live experience?

Expect a perfect balance of entertainment and thought provoking music, with peace loving rebellion and a representation of graffiti writers worldwide. To be honest it’s gonna be totally crazy! We are fully hyped up and ready to share that. There will be wise words and slam dancing throughout!

Aside from touring the world, what’s next for Chester P? Can we hope for a new solo mixtape or album in the future?

Yeah, I’m working on solo stuff now but it’s taking ages cos I’m so fussy. There are some real big things I’m working on within hip hop but not actual music, all very hush, hush. But I can say it has never been done properly before. Also I’m currently trying to get some kids poems illustrated and published.

Interview by Ollie Read

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