Interview with Charlie Bucket

– by Kylie de Vos

Wordplay interviewed local DJ/producer Charlie Bucket in the lead up to his Honesty EP launch at The Manor on Friday 7th November.

You have been involved in the Perth hip hop scene for some time now, how have you seen it progress & evolve? Hip hop is a much more broader term than ever before now. I think hip hop as a sound in Perth has found itself divided into many different sub genres. From the more golden era boom bap style to the heavy swung Dilla style with the 16 level basslines to the more 808 southern trap style to the stripped back mid tempo party stuff like DJ Mustard , even to the future beat Ta-Ku type vibes ect. There seems to be many sounds falling under the “hip hop” umbrella these days which I think is cool and it fascinates me how far the culture has spread. Perth has always managed to stay up with whats happening in hip hop and even if there is different cirlces within the hip hop culture in perth I find generally all the artists have a lot of respect for each other which is very important.


Your EP launch is on the 7th November at The Manor, what can we expect from the night? It will basically be me and my friends rocking on stage together having fun and spreading our message. All the people onstage will be people I admire very much who are amazing performers and artists and being as its at my second home (The Manor) I think there will be a nice family vibe happening.

How long has this EP been in the making? I’ve always been into music and I’ve been making music since I was a teenager (I was a drummer in a few bands). Plus my tastes in music and my record collection has been constantly evolving, so you could say its been in the making my whole life but the actual process of making it took about a year.

What was the creative process behind making the EP? Really it was just about putting on records and trying to emulate the feel of different sounds that I feel drawn to and somehow mold them together. For example for the track Gimme Something featuring TY it has about 4 different samples from different records mixed with live horns and bass, keyboards e.t.c. I was really just trying to make music that I wanted to listen to.

You have a few big name features on the EP, how did those collabs come about? I am also a promotor so I met most of them through putting on shows. And all the artists on the EP are people I am a huge fan of. Nfa Jones is my favourite emcee in the country and we perform regularly together so I knew he had to be there somewhere. Grace Barbe is my favourite artist in Perth, her band is crazy! Nick Sheppard is a mate and he was in The Clash (Nuff said). TY is in my top 5 favourite emcee ever! I always found his style to be so honest and original I knew I wanted to work with him. Raashan Ahmad is an energetic performer with an extremely pure approach to music. And I knew for The Park I needed someone who was a part of hip hop from the beginning someone who was there. Grandmaster Caz was my first pick and luckily for me he thought the beat was “fire” (his words).


It’s called the Honesty EP, what does that represent? I think it stems from so many years being a DJ and a record collector. My tastes have evolved towards sounds like afrobeat, jazz, brazilian music, funk and all kinds of weird library records or vintage soundtracks. I just want to make 100% my music. I’m not really too interested in whether its a hip sound at the moment or if it will have huge radio appeal. I think to many producers get trapped within strange boundaries they set for themselves.

When you started making the EP, what were some of your goals & aspirations behind it? I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that as a DJ I play alot of gigs were i’m  playing only party hip hop, or another where I was playing funk and afro or another where I’m playing more beat drivin sets, and really I wanted to make some music that infused all of those sounds. I think there is a way of making that work and Im getting there. I definitely haven’t perfected it yet but maybe with time.

What’s next for Charlie Bucket? I’m really looking forward to seeing how the EP go’s . I have a distrobution deal in the states with Fat Beats so hopefully that will make a huge difference.Then I have a national tour happening with Raashan Ahmad over the New Year period which I’m really excited about. We are playing some great shows including supporting Grandmaster Flash and Chali 2na. Afer all that I’m going to start working on an album I already have 2 singles ready, one featuring again TY and the other featuring another favourite emcee of mine Guilty Simpson. So watch this space :)

The Facebook event page will keep you up with info on Charlie’s Honesty EP launch.

Check out Charlie Bucket’s personal site, the bucket list.

Cover Photograph Credit: Throwing of the Grape


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