Interview with Alison Wonderland: Music, Spirit, Run.

– by Dylan Smith

“I don’t give a fu*k”.

Spoken wholeheartedly by Alison Wonderland herself, the above statement is quite legitimately the wisest thing any interviewee has ever said to me. Granted this may have been my first interview, the sentiment still very much applies. In our chat, we talked about Alison’s musical endeavours and achievements, as well as her personal belief systems and philosophies, so strap on your goggles because it’s time to go deep with Alison.

Firstly, if you haven’t already, go check out Alison’s recent single ‘U Don’t Know’. Wayne Coyne, lead singer/songwriter of The Flaming Lips, features on this track as per Alison’s desire for a distinctive male vocal. Alison shared the following on her favourite Flaming Lips song:

“Ummm…fu*k. That’s a hard one. I’ve got like a favourite album. Oh man, so I’ve got a story about that. Okay, so I used to work in JB-Hifi when I was really young, and they used to play this record over and over again and I never knew what it was but I became really obsessed with it and then I bought it and I listened to it over and over again at home, and… It’s actually a really bad story, it’s not even that cool but basically that was how I found out about The Flaming Lips, it was ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots’.”

‘U Don’t Know’ plans to be featured on her upcoming album ‘Run’ alongside several other collaborations with artists including GANZ, Lido and Slumberjack. Alison even dropped an Easter egg about the track ‘Ignore’ – a bangin’ solo piece – sharing that the vocals were done on her iPhone recordings, which, if anything, should serve as inspiration to any up-and-coming producer unable to afford fancy equipment: you really don’t need it to make great music.

And while I’m on the subject, for any aspiring artists out there who wish to collaborate with Alison one day; she uses Ableton Live 9 to produce her music and leans particularly towards audio sampling when it comes to drum programming.

We then jumped from discussing music to the value of spirituality.

“I think it’s important to, y’know, have something to help you become a better person, yep”. Alison also emphasises spirituality while touching briefly on the topic of death and afterlife. Likewise, she agrees 100% that “It’s good to express emotional stuff through music” and that it’s equally important not to let others define who you are.

“I don’t really want to define what I am”, Alison says, consolidating the idea that it’s impossible to define what is ever-changing.

Alison is also a very strong believer in gender equality, asserting that “people who, y’know, treat men or women differently can get lost.”

And finally, on the consumption of her music, Alison affirms: “I don’t give a fu*k if you download it illegally. I just want my music to be out there, in any way possible. I’m not doing it for the money y’know; I’m doing it because I like making music.”

Not too long ago I had some perceived notion in my head that all big time musicians were in some way above ‘average people’ like me. But after sitting down and talking to Alison, I was enlightened to realise that this idea couldn’t be further from the truth. As amazing and successful as Alison is, with her debut warehouse tour sparking absolute wildfire in 2014 and her upcoming studio album promising to be an equally tremendous highlight for 2015; before she’s an immensely talented music producer, she’s just a person – and a pretty awesome one at that.

‘Run’ comes out on the 20th of March; however in the meantime you can stream it here.

Also, why not check out one of Alison’s favourite video clips here.

Photo Credit: Speaker TV

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