Interview: Wise Oaks

Wise OaksAmongst the noise of energy of the busy Northbridge streets lined with excited club goers and too much cologne Colosoul pulled up a chair to the table and sat down with Wise Oaks to discuss music, life and the future. WiseOaks are Liam Oliver on Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitars, Matt Tanner on Lead Guitars, Kris Hailes on Percussion, Drums and Michael Anstee-Brook on Bass.

How Did Wise Oaks Come About?

Liam: Basically we started as a project to help Chris do his Uni assignment. We forged as a band after writing random songs.
Kris: Before that it also started with Liam being a solo singer songwriter. Then we went to WAAPA, then entered the studio and added layers to Liam’s songwriting. Later we got Micky in on bass and now we’re a four piece

Would You Describe the Band in 3 Words?

Kris: In three words? Whole (like whole) Lee (like Bruce Lee) Fuck.
Liam:We’re so fucking up ourselves.
Matt We’re jus going uphill

Who Are Your Biggest Influences?
Liam: City Colour,
Matt: Led Zeppelin and then there are smaller smaller bands like Boy and Bear,
Shaun:My serious influence would be Wilco, alternative with country flair, acoustic basis with interesting effects over the top.
Mike: Yeah my influence would be Wilco for this kinda sound.

What’s Wise Oak’s Writing Style Like?

Michael: Someone will come in with an idea with some vocals and rough overview and we’ll bring it together and add all the extra bits on. Thats generally how it works

What’s the best way Wise Oaks would blow 10k?

Kris: Strippers and Cocaine. Strippers and Blow, maybe some drum gear.
Liam: Jet Skying with strippers

In A sea of Blow
Michael: I like that contribution. I’d also get a Rickenbacker 4003, that would be hell good
Matt: With 10g id record a fucking wicked EP
Liam: lets be real boys I’d spend it all on black cavier.

Whats Next for Wise Oaks
Liam: we’re planning to push a single out. We’re going to do an internet release in early February but we’re not planning on too many shows at the moment as our drummer is going to be in Africa.

Wise Oak’s single is called ‘Not Here’, keep an ear out for these guys.

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