Interview: Shell & Avahn

Meeting and playing together in local band Victory Risk, the Shell & Avahn collaboration is a match made in music heaven. Forming an acoustic duo thanks to familiar talents, this definitive duo hit the road and has since played across Perth and WA. This month, the duo will join some of Australia’s best underground artists at the Lights Out Arts Festival. Music Writer Tom Munday chatted to Shell Italiano about their overwhelming transition, our music scene, and LOAF.

How did Shell & Avahn come together?

Avahn and I play in a band called Victory Risk which we have been a part of for around 3 years. We have decided to start an acoustic duo to broaden our horizons and get our music out to more people in the community. We understand that ‘rock’ music isn’t for everyone but we believe out music transcends into different genres and is able to appeal to more people. We were seeking another music outlet to keep our sound fresh.

How did the two of you find a signature, collaborative sound?

We brought particular rock elements from our band Victory Risk into our acoustic set but incorporated a more melodic, chilled-out sound. We work really we together so its just about finding a balance.

How does Perth’s music scene typically respond to a new duo such as Shell & Avahn?

Perth typically responds to duos very positively. The community really gets behind local artists who are trying to create new sounds and expand Perth’s music scene.

What have been the highlights and lowlights of your collaboration, thus far?

As apart our band (Victory Risk) we have be fortunate to win a few competitions and we have been able to play with numerous national and international acts including San Cisco, Tonight Alive and Amy Meredith and we will be playing with USA band The Almost his coming April, but, as a duo, this (the Lights Out Arts Festival) is the highlight by far. We are so pleased to be apart of this fantastic festival to raise money and awareness.

What will you bring to the Lights Out Arts Festival? How important are events like these for groups like Shell and Avahn?

Events like these are so important for local acts. It allows the artists to get their brand out there and create hype in the community. Perth has such a small music scene so events like these are so valuable to artists, It is so important that the community gets involved in promoting music as without festivals, music events and music competitions Perth’s music scene could very easily slip away. With the amount of national and international acts diminishing touring to western Australia it is up to local musicians to retain the  music scene which were very pleased to be apart of. We will be bringing a raw sound, just a guitar and some vocal. Keeping it simple and pure. The sound is a combination of styles and hopefully will be received well. We want to open the event with a positive feel – something that gets people singing along and enjoying the beautiful atmosphere.

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